Ep. 29 - Getting to Know the Co-Living Business Landscape

Zach Ehrlich is the Founder and CEO of Stoop, a new rental experience that helps enhance yield on multi-family real estate properties. Stoop partners with family offices and high-net-worth real estate investors to invest capital in off-market and private real estate deals.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The concept behind Stoop

  • How Zach got into real estate

  • How to manage co-living spaces

  • How young entrepreneurs can get into real estate today

And many more!


  • [0:01:17.2]  Introducing Stoop

  • [0:02:03.4]  How Stoop works

  • [0:03:04.7]  Getting to know Zach

  • [0:09:47.8]  How Zach got into real estate

  • [0:14:25.0]  The concept behind Stoop

  • [0:23:11.7]  The future of Stoop

  • [0:25:46.4]  Stoop’s rental terms

  • [0:28:01.7]  Connect with Zach!

  • [0:30:30.1]  Recommended books

  • [0:33:06.1]  How Zach keeps himself centered

  • [0:35:16.1]  Advice to younger self

  • [0:36:04.1]  Advice for budding real estate entrepreneurs